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    The Leader in Me

    At Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School, we have experienced a big shift towards, our school not merely focusing on improving test scores, but providing opportunities for pupils to develop to their full potential. By this we mean that we consider a child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing as coming to the forefront of education and are of equal, if not greater importance than academic success. The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation process that develops a culture of personal leadership that results in emotional wellbeing of staff and pupils.

    The Leader in Me provides our school with a proven process to implement a personal leadership culture that is built on the foundation of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits character skills. It provides us with a clear system for teaching life skills to pupils that creates a culture of pupil empowerment based on the principle that every child can be a leader. The process enables greatness in our children, teachers and school.

    Our school has experienced various Leader in Me Outcomes in both staff and pupils:


    – our pupils gain a mind-set and skill set that they can apply in any situation.


    – We take ownership and responsibility for the learning which leads to increased life aspirations for all.


    – We create a highly collaborative culture whereby everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction.


    – We practice personal leadership that results in a proactive approach in self, class and school improvement.


    – We see more possibilities and explore alternatives to improve the teaching, learning, results and the culture of the school.


    – We embrace a culture of distributed leadership that leads to every single person leading themselves.


    – our pupils teach their parents the 7 Habits; and parents are given the opportunity to attend the course which results in a more supporting home environment.

    Four Reasons why the Leader in Me works in Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School

    1. Through the Leader in Me all staff see every child as capable, every child as a leader. This paradigm changes everything.
    2. It is an inside out approach, our teachers have learnt to apply the habits personally and professionally, then model and teach them to pupils.
    3. It has provided a common language for teachers, pupils and parents that results in a compound interest effect.
    4. It is abundant, instead of teaching leadership once a week during Social Studies, or Islamic Religious Education or English subjects, teachers use an integrated approach involving leadership training in everything they do throughout the curriculum.

    This is Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School: Where Leaders are Nurtured.

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