27 Years of Academic Excellence

    Director’s Message

    A Word from The Director

    Fouzia Ahmed Sheikh

    Today, Islamic schools face many challenges in providing education that will fit the needs of present day Muslims as well as a rapidly changing world.


    The challenges are compounded when the school offers integrated curriculum. Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School is an institute that has faced and overcome many of the above mentioned hurdles.


    Our primary goal is to create an educational system that offers excellence in both secular and theological studies, and as a result produce a committed Muslim who is well balanced in both disciplines.


    Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School was able to put together a model school that offers a good learning environment. We have also managed to create a program that blends the two syllabi well and makes learning easy and interesting for the pupils. Co-curriculum activities are also very important in our learning process and all these mentioned approaches are to help us meet our objective of producing the committed Muslim.


    I take this opportunity to thank the almighty ALLAH (SWT) for guiding us in our efforts to establish and manage this unique school. I also thank Tawhiid Islamic Association for their fundamental role in the initial creation of this school.


    It is our earnest hope that all the moral and material support we have so far enjoyed from all stake holders will continue Inshallah

    May Allah keep the light of Tawhiid shining forever. Ameen