27 Years of Academic Excellence


    Sports and Clubs

    Sports A sound mind lives in a sound body. Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School strictly clings to this adage for complete all round personality development of a child. The school campus soon will be boasting of myriad of facilities like standard Basketball Court, Badminton Courts, Tennis court, Volleyball Court, Table tennis court, Pool Table,…


    Fine Art

    How we excel in Art at Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School. The new Art syllabus is based on the integrated curriculum whereby Art projects are designed in such a way that both theology and Secular unit plans are the foundation from which the Art unit plans have been developed. Art works include: Handmade paper…



    ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious education is an educational system encompassing all aspects of life needed by our children to increase their religious internalization and practice in their society, religion, nation and state. Religious education is also a form of guidance for pupils to help them understand, live and practice the teachings of Islam and make…