27 Years of Academic Excellence


    Our School Curriculum


    The School offers a fully Integrated Curriculum: - the Secular and the Islamic Theology. Our pupils sit for Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB); and the Uganda Quranic Schools Association. These two curricula emphasize the Mental, Spiritual, Social Emotional and Psychological development of our children.


    Under the secular system, Tawhiid Islamic School offers English, Mathematics, Science Social Studies, Art and Crafts and Islamic Religious Education.


    In the Islamic Theology, we offer four major subjects: -. The Holy Quran, Arabic Language (Lugha), Fiqh and Tarbiat.


    We have a Continuous Professional Development Centre (CPDC) for Research and Development as well as equipping teachers with the 21st century teaching methods.Our CPDC team, among other duties, continuously researches on new practices in education, e-learning and life skills that are imparted to both the teachers and the learners.


    The school’s emphasis is on reading, through the use of Jolly phonics system, to develop the four basic skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in our children at their initial stage of life. The school also uses Mind Games to stimulate Critical thinking and Creativity at an early age.


    We believe parents are part of the child’s learning process and we involve them in events like book week, regular parents’ meetings and parent/teacher communication through the Leadership Notebook.


    Since Arabic is a key to learning Islam, we give special attention to the teaching of Arabic as a language. Our pupils are well versed in it as well as the Holy Book of Allah, The Quran.The school organizes Quran competitions to accelerate mastery of the Arabic Language.


    We have a holistic approach to children upbringing. Beside the Secular and Theology studies, children are also exposed to Physical Education. They are involved in various games for their mental and physical development.


    Tawhiid Islamic School also boasts of its well established Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) system.We have well-equipped computer labs for the Nursery and Primary Levels.