27 Years of Academic Excellence

    Our School History

    School History


    Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School was established by the Tawhiid Islamic Association. In 1990 the Association decided to start a Madrasa program for the Somali refugees in Kisenyi locality. The major objective was to play an active role in providing education to the community and the society at large. In 1994 the School was registered by the Ministry of Sports and Education and became a fully-fledged School.


    As late as 2010, we had 125 pupils. So, we have been growing and expanding in all areas. To date we have over 1,000 pupils in the three sections i.e. the Nursery, the Infant and the Upper Primary sections. It is a mixed day school offering Integrated Education.


    Our overall goal is to provide high quality education in the Secular Education side by side with Islamic Studies and to equip the pupils with appropriate knowledge and skills to fulfil their duties as Muslims and to make a meaningful contribution to their communities and Uganda at large.


    We strive to provide a medium through which our children will acquire well balanced knowledge of Deen and Secular Education. Our teaching standards are one of the best in the country and our students go out with good academic abilities.