27 Years of Academic Excellence

    About us

    Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School is a mixed day school offering Integrated Education. It offers dual curricula i.e. Secular and Islamic Theology. It also has a Leadership Program based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People known as Leader in Me.


    Our overall goal is to provide high quality education in the Secular and Islamic Education, side by side with Leadership skills. We equip our children with appropriate knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfil their duties as Muslims as well as make a meaningful contribution to their Communities and the Country at large.


    We strive to provide a medium through which our children will acquire well balanced knowledge of Deen, Secular Education as well as life skills. We are confident that we offer the highest quality in Education and Services. We have a fully-fledged ICT function with well-equipped computer labs in each section.


    Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School maintains conducive learning environment and a focused approach to teaching. Our main objective is to promote Moral and Academic Excellence in a caring and secured Islamic environment, providing opportunities for realization of the learners’ full potential.


    We believe in a very simple philosophy. that every child is an individual who should be given a fair chance to be able to learn, be happy and grow in a conducive environment.

    School Motto:

    Education is Light!

    School Vision:

    To have an Islamic Model Primary School which provides the highest quality Education.

    School Mission:

    Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School is committed to providing an integrated quality education which will enable our future generation to have a valuable productive and moral value.