27 Years of Academic Excellence


    Sports and Clubs


    A sound mind lives in a sound body. Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary School strictly clings to this adage for complete all round personality development of a child. The school campus soon will be boasting of myriad of facilities like standard Basketball Court, Badminton Courts, Tennis court, Volleyball Court, Table tennis court, Pool Table, Taekwondo arena and skating rink.  School is having two sports Instructors who coach the students in various sports of their interest. The Annual Sports Day held at the year-end is a popular and an eagerly awaited event.


    Co-curricular Activities/ Clubs

    Even though Co-curricular Activities fall outside the realm of academics, yet they form an integral part of the school curriculum. It has always nurtured and supported academics. Apart from developing the psychomotor domain, student centric activities always cater to the need of mental tranquility, socializing as well as pragmatic approach to academics. Fields like Art and Craft, Theatrics and Public Speaking, Environment Club, Scout and Guide Club assist in the formation of character and attitude.
    At Tawhiid Islamic Nursery and Primary, we settle for student initiated activities that encompasses everything possible under the sun to hone their skills and to be better human beings.

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